April 1, 2011

手向け TAMUKE Offrandes pour le Japon / Offerings for Japan

La Société des arts technologiques [SAT] Society for Arts and Technology (Montreal)

With the participation of 2TAIKO, Aiyun Huang, Alex Draghici, Amanlee Choofoo, Améiie Girard, Andrew Stewart, Annie Jacques, Bozzini Quartet, Bruno Deschênes, Casey Stainsby, Catherine Juneau, Chantale Laplante, Chris Salter, Claire, Daniel Rodriguez, David Jhave Johnston, David Kaetz, Doug Moffat, Elab Lotayef, Eldad Tsabary, Ensemble Matsu Take, Fabrice Koffy, Fanny He, Freida Abtan, Geneviève Fortin, Ilona Martonfi, Ishelle Macz, Jeffrey Mackie, Jerôme Delapierre, Jesse Moon, Joel Dos Reis Viegas, Josée Boutin, Kaori Imaura, Karen Zalamea, Katinka Bhagwati, Kyosuke Nishida, Léa Neumark-Gaudet, Lise Comtois, Lori Freedman, Louis-Philippe Durand, Malcolm Goldstein, Matt Waddell, Max Stein, Melissa Morris, Michael Lithgow, Michal Seta, Momo Iwasuga, Navid Navab, Nicolas Gilbert, Niel Golden, Norman Nawrocki, Patrick Leroux, Patrick McLaughlin, Philippe Batthika, Ricardo Dal Farra, Richard Sabeh, Robert Normandeau, Sandeep Bhagwati, Sean Yendrys, Stephanie Bokenfohr, Stephanie Bolster, Steve Bates, Tim Brierley, Tomomi Oneyama, Valérie d. Walker, Veronique Meignaud, Yuki Isami, Zac Kenny

On April 1, 2011, at Montreal's Society for Arts and Technology, a seven­-hour artistic vigil was held in solidarity with the people of Japan, and with their families and friends worldwide. 手向け TAMUKE Offrandes pour le Japon / Offerings for Japan invited Montrealers to celebrate in music, poetry, images and ideas the resilience of the Japanese people, who, with thousands of lives lost, so many more displaced, and ecosystems in turmoil, continue to give the world so much beauty, so much strength – and so much hope.


Documentation of the event can be found at the Tamuke website

Please following the links below to view the documentation: