One Stitch at a Time

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One Stitch at a Time honours intimate spaces of speaking and listening, seeing and being seen within the home, as a recognition of community engagement and the larger social construct. As an artistic intervention, it is an invitation to participate in making art and in the process of exploring patterns of being and communication. Guided by the wishes of my hosts, I am fabricating with the process of crochet a specialized item that suits their home or lifestyle. It is in the selection and dedication to any particular article and the investment of care, time and energy that we mark it as significant. Through that labour and the time of exchange with the hosts, something is also marked within me. An investment into self and other, into creating pathways to communication and an exploration of the personal domain as a social imperative.

The project also relates to my grandmother who passed away recently. She was this figure of gentleness in my life who sat crocheting one blanket after another, tissue-paper holders, everything. She was the one person who could listen without passing judgement. So when I literally take residence in the people’s homes, I hope I am that image of the grandmother, inhabiting a space of gentleness.