making a book (fragmentary evidency)

independent effort

National Library of Quebec at Montreal

a durational intervention and book assembling

As an institution representing and actively creating an official version of history and knowledge, the National Library of Quebec in Montreal -- with its inherent purpose, impressive architecture, massive holdings and reference-only policy -- was the appropriate site to put into question the authority of the book and the capacity for individuals to intervene in the course of history's construction. Having worked out to install myself in the main reading room of the Library over a period of eight hours, I assembled 150 copies of FRAGMENTARY EVIDENCE. Each book was sorted uniquely with a different layering of text and image pages. Not having a formal binding this manner of book refuses the imposition of a linear reading and offers the possibility of multiple (sometimes competing) reflections and connotations. The library was open to the public during the event and people were invited to participate in the process.