September 23, 2014

Haystacks and other Hiding Places

Montreal, QC

INTERVALS: Krakow meets Montreal
Curators: Marlène Renaud-B. and Stéphanie Beaulieu

Photo credits: Michelle Bélanger, Brent Morely Smith and Erwin Neumark
Special thanks to Andrew Harder for the live audio (heartbeat) component of this 3-hour durational performance

Hiding can all too often become a way of life, even long after the need to physically hide is no longer predicated on an actual threat. This work is inspired by family stories of my maternal grandfather who, as a young child growing up in Poland, was forced to take refuge in haystacks to escape the militia during routine pogroms always fearful that a pitchfork would find him or his siblings. It also pays homage to children in zones of violence around the world today who have to hide in order to survive.