September 27th, 2003



Photo Credit: John Mingolla

Dear Alexander Del Re,

I received word from Paul Cuillard about your upcoming 4 cardinals project and couldn't help but laugh out loud at the synchronicity. I have recently moved into a bungalow on a street called CARDINAL in Ville Emard (Montreal) Quebec. From "be/coming home'" to "being home" has been a journey that has taken me through many states and worlds even. 4 Cardinals calls to me on every level and my first and immediate response is inspired by the Rumi quote and the simplicity of surrendering to gravity, the full body prostrations of the Jewish High Priests on Rosh Hashanah (The New Year) which falls this year on (of course!) Saturday, September 27th, and the practice of presence through qigong, I would love to participate by "let(ing) the beauty we love be what we do. there are thousands of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."

The durational performance would be simply this exploration/connection with the ways in which I kneel and kiss the ground. This ground here/now that is home to a very old and tall evergreen, that has a source running underground through my basement, that is the first piece of land that I am response-able for... in gratitude and prayer on this street called Cardinal.

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To: Devora Neumark
Subject: invitation to “4 cardinals

"4 cardinals" is an international event of performance art consisting on generating a temporary collective of artists to perform their works simultaneously in diverse parts of the world, on Saturday, September 27th, 2003.

"4 cardinals" deals with the analogy between the four cardinal points guiding us spacely (N-S-E-W) and the 4 main points in the clock guiding us in time (12-3-6-9). This is a global idea, in a very literal yet open way; unlike the "globalization" concept we hear everywhere these days, this project is based upon differences and the co-existence of all kinds of people.

From this paradigm we want to generate a coordination of actions based mainly on the concept of time, with performance art as a vehicle of expression of diverse cultures; by this, we want to establish a dialogue between each human fragile subjectivity, from noon to 9 pm, with the objective of raising questions from our common ideals and differences in a specific time frame, and to present performance art as the opposite of production and commodities and as an indivisible unit from their creators, being this an alternative to the generalization implicit in the globalization discourse; transcending the corporal into time and space.

Each performance must be of durational nature, performed from 12 noon to 9 in the night; each performance can deal with any issue, just depending on the artist ideas and context. The only condition for participation in this project is that a segment of the performed work must be recorded in video, which will be part of a future exhibition, rotating between the list of all participating countries. The performances can happen in any type of setting and environment, from regular gallery spaces to an artist's room or a public space.

The time reference for each participating country must be the local time, by this, the event will be circulating around the clock and at the same time it will be moving from every different latitude, also circulating geographically, traveling the world in only one day. All local events in the different places of the world, must have 9 hours of duration.

Other participants include: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Spain, U.K., USA, Poland, the Phillipines, Japan.