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'Public Art as Social Intervention- But Now I Have to Speak- Testimonies of Trauma, Change and Transformation' is an ongoing collective and collaborative project.

In June 1997, Montreal artist Devora Neumark created the conceptual formation for an cross-disciplinary and multi event production, concerned with the ongoing violence against women in our society.

With co- directors Loren Lerner, and pk langshaw, the project has realized a series of artistic interventions, symposium, satellite projects, and web site through the main contributions and support of Concordia University.

Artists, theoreticians, writers, professors and students from many disciplines have engaged in the process and actualization of the collective events. Many individuals in the spirit of collaboration have been able to create a rich environment of potential: for healing in the aftermath of trauma through artistic practice, dialogue and the building of community.

For further information please contact either:

Dr. Loren Lerner at: lorenle@vax2.concordia.ca or
Devora Neumark
at: fireside@jonction.net

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