Public Art as Social Intervention

Affirming Collaboration

Devora Neumark, PhD is an interdisciplinary artist-researcher, educator, community-engaged practitioner and frequent lecturer. Neumark has been teaching in the Goddard College MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts (MFAIA) program since July 2003 and was a cofounder of the MFAIA’s Indigenous and Decolonial Art Concentration. Her SSHRC-funded research-creation PhD titled Radical Beauty for Troubled Times: Involuntary Displacement and the (Un)Making of Home (Concordia University, 2013) was an inquiry into the relationship between the traumas associated with forced dislocation and the deliberate beautification of home. More recently, Neumark has been putting her attention to developing two new bodies of related work: the first engages wellness and the cultivation of joy as radical practice; and the second is focused on mainstreaming climate justice.